a footpath in Scotland, in the mountains and surrounded by heather

     Sometimes you just feel like you’ve been rocking the same look for way too long, and you’re bored by your own reflection - then you know it’s time for a change. New clothes, a new skincare routine, maybe even time to give the hair a good ol’ chop and dye - well, that’s what we’ve been up to at Organic Works! We’ve been squirrelling away in the background, and now are extremely excited to be able to release OUR BRAND SPANKING NEW LABELS!

     Like a good make-over, we wanted to make a subtle change to reflect the most important aspects of our brand. Did you know that every OW product was made here in the UK? Well, it is! We were founded in Scotland and are extremely proud of our Scottish heritage, which is what we wanted to reflect on our packaging, as well as celebrating our hero ingredients of Lavender and Bergamot (look out for the next blog post where we go into detail about why we love using these two ingredients).

     We think our new packaging reflects our ethics of being clean, honest and effective, and we really hope that you like them too! Do let us know your thoughts.



Organic Works