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Ella's Organic Beauty Blog - Small Batch Beauty

Ella's Organic Beauty Blog - Small Batch Beauty

On Small Batch Beauty & Skincare:

I love small batch skin care, I love that independent companies like Organic Works not only dedicate a lot of time to handcraft products to really give us the best from mother nature but also that it feels curated for me, it feels personal, when so much of the beauty world feels the opposite of that.

What does Small Batch mean?

Small Batch Skincare & Beauty is literally the opposite of mass manufacturing – in every sense. For us, not only are our products made in smaller amounts, often hand poured, packed one at a time and sold in small quantities because quality assurance is key, but also our whole commercial process is undertaken by our small team of three people! With our lovely, family run manufacturing partners we take care of everything from producing, packing, marketing, selling and all the creative leg work and co – ordination in between and yes sometimes we need a helping hand and reach out to brighter minds but the point is ‘our money’ goes into our products – we let the quality and credentials of our products do all the talking!


Why should I switch to buy small batch skincare and beauty – especially as small batch can be more expensive:

“One word: FRESHER!! Freshness is what we’re all about!! We don’t store tonnes of ingredients, so our products are made with the freshest plant based and natural ingredients we can source. We don’t pack our products full of preservatives (other than some natural ones) because we don’t need to! We also don’t store products when they are made for long periods of time. We try to sell in small quantities to like- minded businesses and manufacture according to demand.  Our products are rich essential oils to naturally prevent bacteria, protect fragrance and nourish our skin! Yes sometimes essential oil based products can be more expensive than the supermarket – take hand wash for example. I have paid £1 many times for hand wash on my kitchen sink and its great – I’m not trying to dismiss great value products, but when I can afford to; I use our hand wash which I know is organic, with essential oils to protect my skin (especially as it’s more important than ever to wash my hands at every opportunity) and I know because of its oil rich ingredient base, it really does last a very long time (better value than it may seem )- so for me it’s the absolute best choice.”

Is 'Made in the UK' an important a message at the moment?

Actually I think it’s so important. Where things are made – it’s about so many things; the environment, business practices, identity politics and so on. Look we know the consumer is ‘smarter’ than ever before particularly in these matters; people really do care, how and where what they are buying is made. I won’t lie – it’s hard to be a British Manufacturer right now, it can be costly and challenging but I think it’s a smart decision and we are certainly very proud to be Made in the UK.


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