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Lavender - The essential, essential oil.

Lavender - The essential, essential oil.

Lavender in skincare and beauty products is not a new thing. Other than its naturally beautiful smell, Lavender has been known to have a variety of amazing properties making it a favourite ingredient in remedies and skincare for centuries.

What are the superpowers of Lavender Essential Oil?

  1. Calming…

The use of lavender essential oil is related to reducing stress and anxiety, acting as a natural calming agent. This is one reason why it is such a good ingredient in night-time routines, to relax you before bed.


Our Renewal Night Cream includes lavender essential oil – perfect for a calm night’s sleep.


  1. Anti-Inflammatory…

Lavender’s anti-inflammatory properties make it a staple for those with inflamed skin. The soothing effects help with pain relief from inflammation. A great treatment for people who suffer with eczema and dry skin.


Our lavender products have been clinically tested and are suitable for eczema prone skin, try out our soothing Lavender Hand & Body Lotion for gorgeously moisturised skin.


  1. Anti-Ageing…

Lavender essential oils help stimulate the top layer of skin by promoting blood circulation, this reduces wrinkles and smooths out skin. It also protects the skin from harmful, harsh UV rays from the sun! Giving you a rejuvenated look free from damage.


  1. Reduces Acne…

Lavender essential oil works to kill off bacteria, which can help stop new and heal existing acne breakouts. As we said previously, it helps soothe inflammation and redness when put on your skin and more crucially it also unclogs pores!


  1. Wound Healing Properties…

Lavender can help heal, by promoting skin tissue repair. If a wound has already healed, it can be used to reduce existing scars too.

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